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Working with Jon Batiste

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Working with FRAWLEY

Maestro Valentin Peytchinov

As an educator and supporter of vocal talents he established " The Valentin Peytchinov Vocal Studio" in New York City. The vocal studio is determined to provide only the most effective and successful techniques for students interested in cultivating their vocal talents and / or acquiring necessary skills for efficacious public speaking.

Maestro Valentin Peytchinov

Valentin Peytchinov is a Founder and Artistic Director of VOCAL PRODUCTIONS NYC, corp. He is also a member of the Artistic Advisory committee for the Olga Forrai Foundation.

Learning and Practicing

Valentin Peytchinov i deeply convinced that in cases of the most difficult vocal defects, the basic reeducation should not take more than 40 to 60 hours, regardless of the level of impairment. The same length of time would be required for beginners to acquire mastery of the basics. His work with his students is real proof of that.

Talking to students

Valentin Peytchinov's extensive stage experience as a performer, ( working with some of the most established professionals in the field ), and his multifaceted repertoire, his musical education both in the Bulgarian National Conservatory and at the Juilliard School of Music, together with his gift for fast and effective communication of technique, are advantages in building solid, lasting skills for the young or established singer.

Maestro Valentin Peytchinov

Mr. Peytchinov teaches singers in the fields of Jazz, Pop, Rock and Roll, Musical Theater and Broadway, as well as actors, doctors, lawyers, anchors , and other professionals who require good vocal communication skills.

Having fun with China students

" The Valentin Peytchinov Vocal Studio" mission is to approach every individual without bias and assess the voice and overall knowledge and performance candidly and to help develop educated and well-rounded performers.

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