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Video testimonial from the great tenor Peter Gougaloff, whom Plácido Domingo was known to coach with.

Peter Gougaloff

Jon Batiste

Valentin with multi-grammy-award winning musician Jon Batiste, after a voice lesson.

Frawley (Lauren)

"I was introduced to Valentin when I was taking part in a musical theater conservatory - I was about 10 years old. Today I am a professional vocal artist, and much of the credit goes to Valentin for working with me through the years. Valentin has been a devoted friend, and vocal coach, many times waking up in the middle of the night to train me when we were in different time zones. He is always there for me no matter where I am working, giving me the confidence to know that my voice will sound

its absolute best.

Lauren Frawley photo with Val_edited.jpg

Val is the only vocal coach I trust to keep my voice in perfect shape, and to prepare me for performances.If you want the the best from your voice, and want to work with a consummate professional who is in a league of his own, you must work with Val!! "

Frawley is a rising pop star signed with the same label as Taylor Swift.

Emma Lee M.C.

"Valentin put years, maybe even decades of health, life, and strength on my voice as well as opened my mind about vocal technique and use of the voice. As a Hip-Hop artist/rapper I was given just as much discipline, support, and encouragement as his veteran classical students. Because of him, when people hear me warm up my voice they're shocked I'm a rapper! An absolute pleasure to work with this world-renowned master."


Video testimonial from Emma Lee M.C.

Tribute to the Maestro for good health

When Maestro Peytchinov was ill, many of his students came together from all over the world to make this recording of Va Pensiero.

Lawson Anderson

"Before meeting Valentin, I had struggled for years trying to navigate different, contradictory singing methodologies from various teachers.  Valentin’s first step is to personally walk each singer through a lesson in physiology in vocal production.  His goal is for the singer to realize the simplicity and freedom in uninhibited sound generation. He brought me “back to the basics” of singing, and- in so doing- allowed me to unleash my natural singing voice, free from the obstructions and over-manufacturing that was straining and tiring my voice.  His exercises, which I still perform daily as a vocal warm-up, really help ingrain his philosophy of the “free, ringing voice”.  

Results came quickly after starting with Valentin.  

Lawson and Valentin_edited_edited.jpg

Within months, he had helped me reshape my repertoire such that I was able to win top prizes at major International competitions, sign with a top agency and secure a multi-year contract with a top European theater.  I attribute this success directly to Valentin’s teaching.  He not only builds the natural voice, but also a holistic performer in each of his students.  He takes personal pride in each of his singers and is fully committed to their success.  His private lessons are a fantastic starting place and for those who need or desire more intensive study. 

As I got more comfortable in technique, I personally enjoy the group lesson setting, where you can really observe the theory in practice and learn tremendous amounts from other artists.

Valentin has changed my voice and my life in the most positive manner, and I am forever thankful to him for his patient, steadfast commitment to my development.  I am proud to call Valentin my teacher and friend and am blessed to have found him.  Thanks to him, I am able to share my best, “true” voice with audiences all over the world."

IMG_1207 (1)_edited.jpg

Lázaro currently works at the Metropolitan opera as a diction coach and pianist.

Juan José Lázaro

"...To say that Valentin Peytchinov is a merely voice teacher would be an oversimplification.

I came to him a pianist who wanted to learn to sing and left every lesson a better musician more inspired to apply everything I learned to my playing. His knowledge of the vocal mechanism opened my ears to the kind of sound world needed to perform the works of the great masters and my playing could only improve from there on. He has the unique talent for taking all of the information from the great singers, coaches, and conductors that taught him and summarize it into tools that a musician could take and use for ever. I recommend him for anyone regardless of what instrument they play if they are serious about learning music."

Arthur Espiritu

"You have helped me along the way and I wanted to express my gratitude to you.  I'm glad to have met you.  Know that you have given me the tools I needed to be where I am now.  Thank you for that."


handwritten note from Arthur Espiritu

Espiritu is an operatic tenor who is touring all over the world.

Jin Yu 

Yin Yu photo_edited.jpg

"Fortunately, I met Valentin Peytchinov at a turning point in my career. Although I had played many roles before, I understood that I still lacked enough vocal technique to support me in finishing a big role. Even I couldn't finish some Verdi arias at that time. In Marilyn Horne's master class, she told me: "You can ONLY play CHARACTER roles..." I don't mean it is demeaning for more suitable to play character roles because it's a different career direction. But, as a singer, who worked so hard for those serious roles for more than 20 years, these words from a famous opera singer certainly hurt me too much.


When I was doing Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel in New York, a conductor, Francisco Miranda, brought me to meet Valentin and told me he could solve all my problems with vocal technique. I clearly remember that Valentin showed me his unique, simple, but extremely helpful vocal technique in my first lesson. It was amazing. At the end of the lesson, I could effortlessly sing an aria from Verdi’s Macbeth, like singing an Italian folk song. "Singing is not difficult. Do not push your voice like HELL. " He said.


Now, I add big arias to my repertoire more and more, including some Wagner's works. I also have played more significant roles, such as Rigoletto from Verdi's Rigoletto and Scarpia from Puccini's Tosca, even Figaro from Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia, an extremely challenging role for a dramatic baritone. Meanwhile, my vocal range is wider. My father, a dramatic tenor, has started asking me if I want to change my fach to become a dramatic tenor. I am very grateful to him for saving my voice and career. Besides, not only me, he helped my wife build her vocal technique, but it is another story.


Thank you so much, Val. We love you so much."

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